Sigma: Gray Market Products Notice

What seems attractive at first glance often hides a very different story underneath: So it is when it comes to grey imports. Buying goods cheaply doesn’t always mean you are getting a great value. There are hidden pitfalls many consumers are unaware of.

Sigma EX products sourced from foreign markets will not include the valuable additional Sigma Corporation of America Extended Service Protection , offering an extra 3 years of free service to provide unrivalled 4 years’ peace of mind.

It is widely accepted practice that unauthorized Sigma USA dealers, not to sell the complete package that you would expect. Lens caps, lens hoods, back caps, even instruction booklets are removed and sold as optional extras.

While legitimate goods have been handled responsibly by importers, wholesalers and retailers , gray importers have often changed hands many times. Often they have been removed from their protective packaging and stored in damp, humid conditions, encouraging the growth of fungal spores in optics and seriously affecting the efficiency and life span of the microelectronics in today’s high tech. To sum up, grey importers can only undercut legitimate retailers because of their irregular practices. Their overheads are much reduced because they have no showrooms; help lines or workshop knowledgeable staff. They offer no service, support or back up. The knock-on effect is that independent and trustworthy importers and retailers, who offer the above advantages to customer will disappear.

Please note: Any Sigma product with missing or invalid serial number is considered ” Tampered Product” and therefore any manufacturer warranty will be void and null.

So don’t confuse cheap with value for money.



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