Red DSLR System Is Coming Soon

Expect the new RED Digital Single Reflex soon. Here are the lenses available:

New RED Primes is on the way!

Following is an abstract from Red’s Forum by Jim:

“Our Professional series lenses and accessories should begin rolling out in force the next few months in support of the RED ONE and in anticipation of Scarlet & EPIC.”

“The bench testing is beyond our widest dreams. As you know, we have lots of lenses here for testing. These new primes outperform them all… especially wide open… and it isn’t close. “

“Matt is developing an all new accessory program that is equally incredible. Everything will be machined and incorporates all we have learned over the past couple of years getting our feet wet in this industry.”

If it says “Pro” on the box, it is. So what is “Pro”?

1. All newly designed, machined accessories, including new base plates (15mm, 15mm offset and 19mm), top and bottom mounts, BombEVF, dovetails, etc.

2. Lenses 18-85mm zoom T2.9 300mm T2.9 100mm T1.9 85mm T1.9 50mm T1.9 35mm T1.9 25mm T1.9

Nikon and Canon, are seeing RED now?



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