Olympus E-P2 and Panasonic GF-1 to Land Soon?

Tons of rumors were surrounding the Olympus E-P1 long before the release. Only just recently released, there are already rumors indicating that Olympus E-P2 is on the way. The major physical upgrade shall be a built-in viewfinder. Currently E-P1 users need to purchase a separate viewfinder to fit into the camera’s hot shoe. User is not able to plug in an external flash then.

Olympus E-P1

Olympus EV-1 Viewfinder

Following are screenshots of leaked images of Panasonic GF-1, another micro four-thirds dslr following the G-1 announcement earlier.

Panasonic GF-1 Front Look

Panasonic GF-1 Back Look

Panasonic GF-1 Comparison with LX-3

We shall keep you updated. Image Credit: Xitek

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