PIE2008: Olympus E-510 Succesor

Photo Imaging Expo 2008: Olympus presents a reference unit of the E-510 succesor. Not much info about the camera and it was located inside a glass box, it is not possible to touch it. From the outlook, it indicates 10 Megapixel, similar to the recently launched E-420. It also features in-body image stabilizer, similar to E-510. There should be a formal announcement about this E-510 succesor soon. It may be called E-520, if it follows the E-410 naming.

PIE2008: Olympus E-510 Succesor Front View

PIE2008: Olympus E-510 Succesor Front View

What will be included in the Olympus E-510 replacement? A HDMI port, ISO3200 shooting and maybe faster focusing system with more focusing point, we just never know.
You may be interested with the Olympus E-420, the camera designed to be held away from the face lets you take great photographs without weighing you down. The E-420 is small enough to fit into a purse or a jacket pocket and light enough to shoot with comfortably all day. Measuring 5.1 inches by 3.6 inches by 2.1 inches (excluding protrusions), it is the world’s smallest digital SLR. And at a featherweight 13.4 ounces, only its predecessor (E-410) weighs less. The E-420’s new ergonomic grip on the front of the body allows for easier one-handed operation and ensures a secure hold in the most challenging shooting conditions.
More details: Olympu s E-420 World Smallest and Lightest DSLR

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