Sony Alpha 200 (A200) Beijing Launch Sample Photos

Following the Sony Alpha 200 (A200) sample photos that was uploaded yesterday, a user contacted me regarding some sample photos during the Beijing launch.

These photos range from ISO 100 to ISO 3200. Photos are shown as an overview then cropped to 100% for better justification of the details. Do keep in mind that the Sony Alpha 200 (A200) is an entry level digital SLR and shall not be compared with mid-range digital SLR such as Olympus E3, Canon 40D or Nikon D300.

Sony Alpha 200 (A200) Beijing Launch: Overview

Sony Alpha 200 (A200) Beijing Launch: Overview

Sony Alpha 200 (A200) Beijing Launch: 100% Cropped

Sony Alpha 200 (A200) Beijing Launch: 100% Cropped

With its 10.2-megapixel (effective) APS CCD image sensor, the DSLR-A200 camera continues to offer high-quality images by allowing more light to pass through to each pixel – increasing sensitivity, reducing noise, and providing greater detail.

Clean, reduced-noise signals are sent from the image sensor to Sony’s BIONZ processing engine, which processes data-rich picture information at high speeds and reduces picture noise in the RAW data stage before image JPEG conversion. The results are high-resolution, detailed images with rich tonal reproduction.

Looking at these photos, at the price of USD699.99 (RM2380.00), it is really a bargain. Canon’s 400D replacement and Nikon’s D40x replacement will need to do a better job to beat Sony on their entry level digital SLRs.

There shall be more updates coming in. Stay Tuned.

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