Canon 40D ISO1600 1st Look

I am wondering how is Canon 40D’s high iso performance, below is a photo taken at night with Canon 40D iso1600.



Canon 40D Sample Image (17mm 0.3sec F4 ISO 1600)


Exif information of the sample photo


The sample photo is cropped at 100%. No post processing, no resizing. Resolution of each cropped photo varies.

1. Open in Adobe Photoshop CS3
2. Enlarge sample photo to 100%
3. Crop sections accordingly
4. Watermark
5. Flatten Image
6. Save as JPEG.


canon40d-masterchong-crop1 canon40d-masterchong-crop2 canon40d-masterchong-crop3 canon40d-masterchong-crop4

The sample photo is only a reference. I think that Canon 40D’s ISO1600 performance is very good, judging from the above photo alone. But it maybe only accurate when side-by-side comparison is being done with other model like Nikon D300 and Canon 30D.

Image courtesy of  山田 久美夫

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