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KLPF: A visitor’s point-of-view

September 20, 2007


KLPF: A visitor’s point-of-view

Overview of KLPF 2007

Overview of KLPF 2007

The participants:

Canon displayed their latest dSLR namely the EOS 40D and the EOS 1Ds Mark III.
There is a variety of lens displayed, from ultra wide angle to their popular
long white colored telephoto lens.

The 40D hands on experience was great, with the help of the
assistant, I was able to do some ISO 3200 testing. The 1Ds Mark III however,
was not available when I wanted to do some hands on. I guess that’s what
happened when you did not chain a high-end camera up on the counter.


There is nothing much to talk about Nikon, the best on their
booth was a Nikon D200 mounted with a 300mm F2.8 VR lens.  There were displaying mostly point –and –shoot
compact cameras. No, there were no D300 and D3.

KLPF 2007: A visitor testing D200 and Nikon 300mm F2.8 VR

KLPF 2007: A visitor testing D200 and Nikon 300mm F2.8 VR

In addition, there were two Nikon technicians sitting at the
corner of the booth assisting Nikon users with dSLR and lens dust cleaning. A
number of people were queuing up when I were there. For your information, Nikon
Malaysia provides free sensor dust cleaning for their users. Bring your Nikon
dSLR to your nearest Nikon service centre if you need some cleaning.


Olympus had their newest lens the 12-60mm F2.8-4.5 High
Grade lens on display together with a P-1 mock up. There were half-cut mock up
of some lens and an E330 attached with Zuiko 300mm F2.8 lens.

People from Olympus were very helpful in guiding and
enlightening me on their products. I tested the Olympus E510’s Images
Stabilization on the spot.


There was no dedicated Pentax booth on displayed. It was
displayed at the Shriro Malaysia’s booth, the distributor for Pentax products
in Malaysia. I did not have a chance to talk with any of the assistants
regarding the camera as they were busy serving customers with other products
that they were carrying.


A huge surprise when I overheard what a visitor beside me said.
He asked his companion why there is no Sony booth. Only then I realize that
there was actually no Sony booth displayed. 
I am not sure why, an Alpha 700 on display would be really nice.


A lot of Lowepro bags were up for sale, I enquired few items
and it was cheaper than the normal retail price.  Almost 90% of Lowepro products were
available. Those who were looking for bags surely had a good time.


Not as many selections as Lowepro, they seemed to have
brought only small items there. One was able to order any item and collect it
after the fair, this way one still pay the offer price rather than the more
expensive retail price. I order few items but have yet to receive my order until

The Venue:
KLPF did not utilize the whole 6th floor of Berjaya Times
Square  as what some of you (those who
sent me enquires)  thought,  it’s 
around the size of 3 shop lots.



KLPF is not really a great place for the latest gear
hunting, but visitors were able to gain new knowledge by attending the talks.
There were at least two sessions of talks going on simultaneously all day long
for the two day event.

KLPF 2007: During a talk

KLPF 2007: During a talk

Photos exhibited were great. There are few that were taken
by Canon’s latest EOS 1Ds Mark III 21MP camera.

KLPF 2007: Visitors admiring the photos exhibited

KLPF 2007: Visitors admiring the photos exhibited
KLPF 2007: A 1Ds Mark III sample image exhibited, taken by Mr. Teoh Peng Kee

KLPF 2007: A 1Ds Mark III sample image exhibited, taken by Mr. Teoh Peng Kee

Visitors were able to
get great offers and discounts offered at the booths, mainly selling
made-in-China equipments. Manfrotto and Gizto tripods were some of the best
offer not to be missed. People were seen leaving with bags and reflectors.