Sigma SD14 – out!

Sigma has debuted its third digital SLR to date, the SD14. Powered by a  14
MP Foveon X3
direct image sensor, the SD14 features four JPEG recording
modes as well as RAW; and a large pentaprism viewfinder with 98 per
cent coverage.

The camera is equipped with a built-in flash with a Guide Number of
11; 5-point AF system; 2.5-inch, 150,000 pixel resolution LCD monitor.
Sigma says the shutter mechanism has a life cyle of over 100,000

Additional features include a dust protector that prevents dust from
adhering to the image sensor; high-speed continuous shooting at 3 fps;  a
mirror lock-up mechanism that prevents camera shake; and three types of
metering modes. Powered by a lithium-ion battery, the SD14 can take
approximately 500 images on a full charge.

Sigma introduced its first digital SLR camera, the SD9, in October 2002. The second model, the SD10, launched in November 2003.

The Sigma SD14 digital SLR is available for an MSRP of $1,999.95. For more information, visit; or contact Gentec International at (905) 513-7733.

Is Nikon to release an 18-megapixel D3

I have no idea how
true this is but things may turn out just nice if they are going to release it
soon as to compete with Canon’s 10 fps blazing Mark III Sniper ! If the
specification and price is as what is mentioned, this honey will, theoretically,
outperform the Mark III. A FF (Full Frame) dSLR with the option of 1.5x crop
factor when shooting at high fps makes thing 100% sweeter!


7 March 2007 – It seems that diehard Nikon fans are
still holding out for a full-frame DSLR, despite the company's emphasis on its
commitment to a smaller sensor size.

Now one website has details of a rumored D3, a successor to the D2X, that was
apparently unveiled to sales representatives in California.

A man called Jim Seaholm says that the specifications include a full-frame
sensor, although for high speed shooting a 1.5x crop factor will be applied.

Most controversially of all, the report says that it will have 18.7MP of

The price for this monster? $8000, around the same amount as Canon's 1Ds Mark

In addition, the mole reported that two lenses are in the pipeline, one a 50mm
1.2G AF-S lens, and the other a 24-120 2.8G AF-S.

Although this may indeed turn out to be "vaporware", one thing is for
certain, and that's that the top two camera makers are predicted to add
considerable pixels to their sensors in the next iteration of professional
cameras – Canon's next pro camera is rumored to have 22MP of resolution,
bringing it up to medium-format quality.