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Olympus ED 25mm f2.8 Zuiko Digital Pancake Lens

March 5, 2008

Four Third (3/4)

Olympus E3 Sample Images : Portraits

Below are more portraits sample images taken by Olympus E3. Included are additional official samples from Olympus itself, model shoot during the recent E3 Japan launch, and some user photos. Let’s start by looking at the E3 additional official portraits samples.

Exposure Time = 1/125

Olympus E3 Splash Proof Test (Video)

Image Even though you own an Olympus E3 or any other weatherproof dSLR it is not advisable to do the following. The less than 1 minute video below is a splash proof test of Olympus recently released E3.

The man poured water over the E3 body which was attached with a 12-60 F2.8-4.0 Zuiko glass. I am not sure if it survives the test but I personally do have confidence on the new Olympus E3’s built.

E3 with Olympus DSLR Planning Manager

Image Imaging Resource interviewed Olympus's Digital SLR Planning Manager regarding the Olympus E3 during the October 16, 2007 launch event at Ney York City.The 9-minutes interview between Dave Etchells and Toshiyuki Terada, Olympus's Digital SLR Planning Manager discussed about the Olympus E3's exterior built, comparison with E1, the improved anti shake technology, live view's unique features and many more.