Sony A300 and A350 Camera Body Photos

Beline from Dyxum released 3 photos of Sony Alpha A300 and A350. Both are said to be equipped with Live View and Swivel Screen and A300 is said to be 10.2 Megapixel while A350 is 14.2 Megapixel. Clearly, the megapixel war is not over yet!

Sony Alpha A300 A350

Sony Alpha DSLR-A300 and DSLR-A350 Camera Body Photos


I wrote about my thoughts regarding these camera bodies at Sony DSLR-A300 and DSLR-A350 at PMA08? It seems to make much sense that the Sony Alpha DSLR-A300 is meant to be the competitor of Nikon D80, the D80 lifecycle is due. I am predicting that we may get announcement that there shall be a Nikon D80 replacement in these few days or during PMA, I may be wrong, but this is my current assumption. I am not expecting Nikon to roll out a bunch of digital compacts only during PMA 2008.Could it be that the DLSR-A350 is actually a full frame dslr with live view? If the model number leaked is DSLR-A750 or DLSR-A850, most probably I will be thinking so. Let’s just wait and see. 14 Megapixel for an entry level dslr sounds too weird to be true, having a 14 Megapixel camera in between Sony Alpha’s entry level DSLR-A200 and mid-range level DSLR-A700 doesn’t really make sense.

Sony is really confusing and of course surprising the crowd with their leaks lately, will the dslr market be dominated by three companies – Canon, Nikon and Sony the year 2008?

More Photos:

Sony Alpha-LV (Live View) Back View

Sony Alpha-LV (Live View) Front View

Sony Alpha-LV (Live View) LCD low angle

More information:
a300 (Swivel-Screen/Liveview), a350 confirmed via Dyxum

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